Library, the heart of the institution has been striving to accomplish the academic & other objectives of the college. It is a user friendly, library providing knowledge and information based services. Library has a substantial good collection of books on the courses offered by the college/university which is being updated on regular intervals. A part from the books for knowledge enhancement, books for overall personality development and preparation for competitive examination adds to the collection. The library subscribes to about fourteen national and regional newspapers, about sixty magazines and subject based journals. The library remains open from 9 a.m. to 4.p.m. Keeping well in pace with the progressive change in information technology, library is equipped with computer and communication network.The library in under the process of automation of its in-house operations with the help of E-Granthalaya ( software of National Informatics Center (NIC), New Delhi.

Facilities Available:

Library Membership: The student are entitled to draw books from the library on loan after they have procure their membership reader’s cards duty signed stamped by the Librarian. Applications for membership shall be made to the librarian on prescribed form attached with the prospectus.

Property Counter: To ensure the safety of belongings of the readers, property counter is also there where they are supposed to keep their belongs like bags before entering the Library. Proper safety of the library books is maintained at the Gate itself by subjecting them to proper check.

Reference Service: Ready help and guidance is provided to all user searching for any books or other reference material within the libraries.

Xerox Facility: For the convenience of staff and students the college has xerox machine to offer xerox facility.

Internet Connectivity: The library provides as easy access to internet for the benefit of user.

Gazette Section: The library has stored gazettes of results of 10th ,+2,B.A/BSC-I,II,III since 1969.

Reading Room: The library has separate centrally Air–conditioned reading room for boys and girls. A library attendant remain present in the reading room to provide assistance to the students.

Book Bank: The college library maintains a book bank for meritorious, Poor & needy students to whom books are issued for the whole session.

Inter Library Loan: ILL facility is available if a user approaches for a book. If book is unavailable in the library, then the book is made available under the ILL.

Conditions for loan:

  1. Newspapers and periodicals (bound or unbound) will not be lent for home use.
  2. Reference books, manuscripts and damaged books will not ordinarily be loaned for home use.
  3. Membership shall not sub-lend the books borrowed by them.
  4. Members shall not retain the borrowed books beyond the due-date, even if they are on leave.
  5. The books will not ordinarily be re-issued.
  6. Members shall not mark the books or damaged the property of library. If any member infringes this rule, he/she will be required to make good the damage done.
  7. Members shall have to replace or pay for the books lost by them. If a book so lost belongs to a set and is not available singly, the member shall have to replace or pay for the whole set.
  8. Students are expected to read the notices put up on the Notice Board from time to time by the Librarian. No excuse will be entertained for ignorance.

Conduct within the Library:

  • Silence shall be strictly in the library premises.
  • Spitting and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  • Mobile phones to be switched off or to be kept on silent mode in the library premise.
  • Eatables and drinks are not allowed in the library.
  • Sleeping is strictly prohibited.
  • No person shall write upon, damage or make any mark upon any book, manuscript, or map, belonging to the library.
  • Any person having objectionable conduct may be denied admission or asked to leave the library by the official on duty.

In this desired future, a part from the automation of in house operations, the library ensures that its collections remain forward looking, diverse in and form, open to browsing, the library’s physical and virtual spaces respond to the changing habits of its users & to multiply the ways in which people can pursue enquiry.